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bbMobile is available on iOS and Android

After our iOS app we now launched the Android version. Get bbMobile from the iTunes App Store or get it from the Google Play Store and discover more about yourself and the people you work with closely.

This application has been developed for all those people with a complete, personal Birkman report. By entering your own scores yourself all essential Birkman information will always be accessible wherever you go.

for iPad and iPhone

More than just a mobile report

The application offers additional options. One of those options is to exchange information with friends and co-workers who have also done a Birkman test.

This can be done on Grid level, which is the most simple summary, or it can be done on the relational level.

After the exchange you will get insight in the moments when your working relationship feels smooth and easy and you will see when it's required to put more energy into it together.

Scores that you can share

You can also find out quickly what your favorite working environment could be. It tells you which activities have your preference but also what you should be able to get out of the working environment.

Besides the short descriptions of your scores of the different sections, this app makes several combinations that provide information about certain themes. On top of that we introduce the Rollercoaster in the Grid model: here you can see which things at work require extra attention.

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Contact with the consultant

Finally there is the option to contact your consultant directly if you need more detailed information.

The bbMobile application is priced at merely $5.99


Don't hesitate to contact us. Keep in mind: for non-technical questions specifically about your Birkman report you can contact your personal consultant.